Happy 49th Birthday Week

I believe in celebrating life, this week I want to celebrate my 49th birthday for an entire week. Even doing a small thing for myself. Sunday – annual family dinner for 3 generation of men, with my father in-law, my little nephew and myself! Monday – Dinner with my lovely wife at Esperanto and a […]

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Pride, fear and stubbornness

This week I checked myself during a conversation where I let my own pride, fear and stubbornness get in the way of hearing the opinion of someone else. My fear of doing something uncomfortable.  My pride of asking for help.  My stubbornness in thinking that my way is the only correct path forward. I accept […]

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Love from Kate

Kate: Do you know who I love the most? Tony: Mom? K: nope T: Me? K: nope T: grandmom? Grandpa? Autie Liana? Your best friend Olivia? You sister Lauren? K: nope, nope. I love all my family the same. This way no one would feel sad. It’s Kate’s 5th birthday this week., how she has […]

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