Thoughts on code generators?

I’m curious whether these tools that claim to auto generate code will be able to help those who don’t have CS background.  My own anecdotal evidence after trying these tools.  (FYI: I have 25 years of software engineering experience).  My hot take is that these tools will make engineers ~30% more productive and it will also generate X% more tech debt.

  1. I use Bard and ChatGPT to generate simple code snippets and often times, I need to make minor corrections.
  2. If I ask these tools to generate an entire program, let’s say to scrape a webpage and pull out an element, the code still needs to run in an environment that needs a bunch of dependencies to run.
  3. My final doubt is the maintenance of ‘magic’ code.  Once it’s generated, the human needs to figure out how to get it install and running and also keep the code updated and changed.

I would love to hear from anyone who have used these type of auto generated code.  I might have a blindspot.