2024 Ice Breaker

From the staff of KQED Forum on Discord

  1. What’s one thing you’re looking forward to in 2024?
  2. What’s something that you did in 2023, big or small, that you’ll never forget?
  3. If you were given $50 million that had to be spent by December 31st this year, how would you use it?

1) in 2023, I will never forget giving myself permission to take a 2 year sabbatical from full time work to work on making things with my hands, controlling my own time instead of being tied to a corporation.

2) In 2024, I look forward to building more Neighborhood Book Exchanges with reused wood

3) With $50 million dollars, I would setup a scholarship that can sustain 100 years of giving away money to encourage immigrant kids to strive for degrees in the arts.