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  • 2024 Ice Breaker

    2024 Ice Breaker

    From the staff of KQED Forum on Discord 1) in 2023, I will never forget giving myself permission to take a 2 year sabbatical from full time work to work on making things with my hands, controlling my own time instead of being tied to a corporation. 2) In 2024, I look forward to building…

  • Learning Unconditional Love From My Mother

    Learning Unconditional Love From My Mother

    We are celebrating my mom’s 74th birthday today.   She is a medical licensed pediatrician in China.  When my family immigrated to the United States in 1980, her medical degree was not recognized here in the states and she lack the basic English to be medical doctor here.  She took on a job as a seamstress…

  • Start From The Beginning

    Start From The Beginning

    People can often point to a number of stages of their lives. Childhood, high school, college, marriage, middle age. My life has been defined by these stages in my mind and they are marked by extraordinary (at least to me) changes 1-4 years : I was raised by a nanny in rural China because communist…