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Note taking iteration 2019

For note taking, I optimize for 3 things Being able to quickly create a document and worry about categorization later. Having access to the notes on any of my 3 machines, and phone Being able to find my notes later To do this, I’ve tried the following. Evernote, Google Docs, Google Keep, One Note. Several […]

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In the last few weeks, I’ve learned the power of the following Reciprocate I asked a team of 6 people for help. They have commit 2 weeks of work and 5 hours of time to do face to face presentations. In return, I give them what they really want, direct access to people who can […]

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What does not belong?

Another way to think about “everything in it’s place” is to look at “What does not belong?” You can apply this simply in organizing a drawer in your home.   You can also apply this in backlog grooming at work.  Out of 50 things on my plate, what doesn’t belong?  What is extra that I’m […]

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Why Do I Blog Publicly?

(The photo is my group playing a badminton tournament at Stanford) Why Do I Blog Publicly? Before I answer that question.   I will tell you who is the audience for my blog at Audience I write the blog with me as the primary target audience.  The reason I write is to clarify and […]

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Getting Things Done 2018 Edition

Here are my current tools to getting things done in 2018. I optimize for capturing 100% of my brain on paper or electronic. I do not optimize for having only a single place for a task or idea. Things that are time sensitive or urgent I use Google Reminders with time due dates I also […]

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