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Pink Lady Apple Popsicles (archive 2007)

Cate loves loves ice cream. In order to balance her craving against the saturated fats of ice cream, I make her popsicles out of strawberries, raspberries and apples. Her favorite is lady pink apple ones. 1) Take 6 lady pinks, wash and juice them 2) Take a cheese cloth and filter the juice 3 times […]

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Kate I Let You Down :-(

Kate’s teachers tell me that it so nice having Kate at school, she is really happy there. Today Yahoo! let some of us leave work at 2:00pm to get started on the long weekend.  So I decided to pick up Kate from Berkeley and take her to get her shots so she won’t be kicked […]

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I should be able to live until 92 years old

The Life Expectancy calculator tells me I’m suppose to leave this earth when I’m 92, year 2052.   Do I really want to live that long?  It even tells me how to live even longer by drinking tea instead of coffee.   Secret to longevity is more push-ups :-) The Living to 100 Life Expectancy Calculator […]

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