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My Email Flow

If you send an email to me, it’s very likely (95% chance) I will reply If you are recruiting me for a position at company X – You will get a polite / canned response that “I am extremely happy at Splunk and want to be there for 4 years to help the company grow”. […]

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Making a difference in the large corporate world

While chatting informally with some co-workers, I heard some of them talking about their frustrations about not feeling recognized for their work or working on projects they don’t think makes a difference. Corporations, which usually mean people in management roles, value those individuals who go beyond doing what they are told to do and look […]

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1-liner setup for your development environment

ydev setup <anything> I did an informal poll at Yahoo, and also with candidates who interview with Yahoo. When they join a new team, how long did it take to setup their dev environment.  It ranges from 30 minutes to a day, and even several days. I asked them what if I pour water on […]

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