Goodbye Twitter @ tonytam

On Saturday April 8th, 2018 12:15am I decided to make my account @tonytam protected.  It is one of the many steps of media detoxification.   Once in a while, I do get exposed to something of value from the 250+ people I follow on Twitter.

But the price of admission for these nuggets of information is likely my attention span for scanning news / information, instead deeply reading the content.  Twitter is the easiest platform to scan and not read because the people who tweet optimize their words to fit 140 characters in order to generate the most impact with their words.

What I’m going to do instead is to export my Twitter account information, print out the people I follow and do research on their work and find long form content (books, blog posts, podcasts, speaking engagements) and consume those more thoughtful content instead.

Next Steps

  • Generate a new long hash password for Twitter and set the verification phone number to be my wife’s and my home number so that it will be difficult if I wanted to login again

pdf : People followed by @tonytam on Twitter

People followed by Tony Tam 🏸 (@tonyt_ - file____Users_ttam_Dropbox_Public_t.png