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link: Seth Godin Your kitchen table

Taking Back Attention I’m going on a detox program with media Goodbye Infinite Scroll Media : LinkedIn App Goodbye Twitter @ tonytam Friends Don’t Let Friends’ Data Be Stolen #deleteAllFacebook (Instagram,WhatsApp) Thank you brain trust member : Seth Godin After I have done my detox, I find this gem in my email Your kitchen table […]

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Goodbye Twitter @ tonytam

On Saturday April 8th, 2018 12:15am I decided to make my account @tonytam protected.  It is one of the many steps of media detoxification.   Once in a while, I do get exposed to something of value from the 250+ people I follow on Twitter. But the price of admission for these nuggets of information […]

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link: Facebook’s “engineered addiction” The Smoke Screen In my opinion, the first problem — the engineered addiction — is the more pressing issue surrounding social media. These services relentlessly sap time and attention from peoples’ personal and professional lives that could be directed toward more meaningful and productive pursuits, and instead package it for resale to advertisers so […]

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No one needs 256GB of storage on their iPhones

Source: Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus expected to come with 256GB of storage – Business Insider After reading this headline, I ask myself why we need 256 GB of storage?  Most phones I’ve looked at from my family has these top 3 types of data that consumes the storage on their phones Apps Photos Videos If […]

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