Goodbye Infinite Scroll Media : LinkedIn App

I have removed Facebook
I have removed Twitter

Feb 8th, 2018 – Today I have removed the LinkedIn app from my phone.  It was a difficult decision because I have been using the LinkedIn app to catch up posting from my professional connections as well as messaging people on LinkedIn.


  • I’m trying to read more long form content, LinkedIn postings have trained me to do the thumb swipe and scroll continuously, bookmark articles that I want to read later.  I don’t want to be trained anymore by infinitely scrolling apps.
  • The 2nd posting on LinkedIn is *always* an advertisement which I cannot block on my mobile phone, but I do block using Chrome extension AdBlock.  I already pay to get rid of ads everywhere I can, LinkedIn does not offer that option

What’s Next?

  • I still extract more value from LinkedIn by connecting with my professional network for interviews for  I will only use on my Chrome browser and observe how I use the site keeping in mind that I optimize for time, attention and deep connections.  See How I Optimize
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