best hot dog anywhere: Top Dog

If you are within 30 miles of Berkeley anytime of the night (b4 2am) and you have the cravings for hot dogs, drop by Top Dog in Berkeley (7 reviews Y! Local).

My favorite, Hot Link (beef with 4 kinds of peppers) grilled, in grilled crunchy sesame buns. Fresh onions.

(People rave about the fact that they serve RC cola, never tried it)

Other popular dogs:

Bockwurst (1/2 veal, 1/2 polk, milk, eggs )

Calabrese (all pork fennel, paprika, cayenne )

Bird Dog ( turkey, cilantro, lo fat )

The Wienie ( veggie dog, wheat gluten soy protein )

Pick up some chilli as well, and a large lemonade.