Working In Yahoo! Santa Monica

The above is scallion+ginger fried rice, wonton soup (no noodles) and chilli pepper+salt fried squid, perfect HK style food.

This week I’m working in the Yahoo!’s Santa Monica campus.  I’m enjoying the change of scenery and I get to work side by side with George for a week.  Some initial thoughts on this building.

  1. It reminds me alot of the one of the satellite offices like Y! Taiwan where we only rent one floor of the building and we share it with CBS and a few other media companies.  This is so different than the main campus where you feel the energy of Y! flowing thru the air.  Something about it is different.
  2. I finally figured it out, the building is very quite.  Again very different than the Sunnyvale campus.
  3. To get a simple cup of coffee I need to go down the Tully’s
  4. The ceiling is too low (9 foot I think), less airy.  I’m being pretty picky here
  5. We do get free food from the vending machines and all the soda we want.   We need to offer free Odwalla juice!  Something healthier than coke.
  6. It’s going to be a regular thing visiting the SM office, I’ve started collecting good places to eat.  Tonight I was over at Sawtelle, eating late super at a HK place.  Lots of curry houses, Japanese, Bobba houses. Yum Yum.  I could get used to eating out late.
  7. SM office is definitely a nice place to *visit*.  I think I hear Sunnyvale calling me :-)

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