Software Bugs And George Orwell 1984’s Torture

Often times I help people with long lingering software bugs or computer problems and when it’s finally fixed, they usually thank me profusely or express their undying love for me :-)

I tell them that it’s the Geroge Orwell 1984 philosophy.  If you have not read the book or you forgot what it’s about, read this Wikipedia summary of the book .

My theory is that when computer users are faced with weeks or months of a prolonged problem, they are really frustrated and often times angry at the computer or software but they can’t fix it. Then I come along and fixes for them.  I’m seen as someone who finally gives them relief from this long time pain or thorn.

From what I’ve learned from the book 1984 is that when you’ve been tortured (by the computer) long enough, the person who can relieve you of that pain is seen as a savior of sorts.  Image Hee, it’s fun when my theory is proven correct time and time again when I solve nagging issues for people.  What ya think?

From Wikipedia’s summary
The Ministry of Love Newspeak: Miniluv.
The agency responsible for the identification, monitoring, arrest, and torture of dissidents, real or imagined. Based on Winston’s experience there at the hands of O’Brien, the basic procedure is to pair the subject with his or her worst fear for an extended period of time, eventually breaking down the person’s mental faculties and ending with an embrace of the Party, since only the Party can stop the torture.