What Type Of Investor Are You?

Well we all knew this would happen.  Google eventually would miss their quarterly numbers like all fast growing companies.  For those of you who always lament that you didn’t buy Google when it was  $200 or $300, this is your chance to test whether you are a real investor or just one of the sheep following the masses.

GOOG is down 13% at $375 after missing their Q4, 2005 estimates.   Before their next quarter earnings, their stock will hit $300.  Now are you brave enough to swim upstream and buy GOOG when it hits $300 or will you wait until it hits $500 and then join the bangwagon?

This is a true test of what you are made of, think about it.  Do you buy when a stock goes up or when it goes down?  Do you have stomach of steel or just stomach of mush?