What Makes A Great Engineering Team

The best team I ever worked in was the Electronic Services Group in SGI from 1995 to 1999. We built X11 Motif tools installed on every IRIX OS machine to search and apply patches automatically, log support calls over the internet, get hardware configurations and send back registration information.

The tools were build on ontop of a solid messaging framework build in house that supported automated software upgrades, routing internationally.

What made the team solid was that we had tremendous respect for eachother, our expertise was wide and varied and complimented one another, we settle on design decisions after healthy debates, we tusted eachother to deliver, we jumped in to help eachother when needed. Best of all, we liked eachother outside of work.

We had solid coders, smart and approachable architects, kick ass C++ OS level engineers, and of course a cheerleader and the X factor – Tony Tam :)