Goodbye Dave Viner and thanks!

Dave Viner is leaving Yahoo! tomorrow and we briefly chatted in the hallway.  I told him that he fought a long and uphill battle to make the engineering team better in Yahoo!’s Media Engineering group.  I admire him for staying course and never giving up.  Here is what I remember about Dave

  1. He was always very calm in technical discussions and always focused on doing the right thing in building engineering platforms
  2. He was the single platform engineer in our group for 3 years and often pushing our product engineering teams to think about code sharing and longer term vision
  3. He was instructmental in design, coding and deliverying major pieces of infrastructure to Yahoo! Media Group.  And every group is reaping the rewards of his work.  The projects initials are  H, MC, N, P, M, only can be guess by those who work in Yahoo! Media
  4. Often times he bumps heads with property engineers who are focused on deliverying short term goals and when he needs to focus on longer terms goals.  He often end up helping the property accomplishing the short term goals while he still delivered on the longer term projects.

So I say a word of thanks to Dave for all the great work he has done for Yahoo!  Please do the same before he leaves Yahoo! on Friday

Enjoy your time off with your daughter and family, Yahoo! will welcome you back with open arms whenever you want to come back!

PS: He paid a huge compliment to me today when he told me that he has “never met anyone like me who just wants so much to get things done and delivered on products”.  It means a lot coming from him since he and I sometimes bump heads as well Image