Parisians are just like Americans

Well I could safely say that I understand Parisian life a little bit more after running through to 140 metro stations, getting a hair cut, buying food at the local markets, going to shop at their farmer’s open air markets, biking around town on my bike for 30 days.

Here is the recap and sorry if I’m not my positive self today, I’m lacking sleep and I’m really grumpy

  1. Parisians love MacDonalds just as much as us Americans.
  2. Parisians love Starbucks probably more than Americans, there are 18 stores in Paris
  3. Parisians are just as loud and disruptive as Americans when they have a reason to be.. right now it’s 1:24am and they are non stop here on the streets disrupting my sleep
  4. Even though there have been many myths around French women don’t get fat, I suspect it has more to do with smoking than diet and exercise.  It’s difficult to find a older French woman and man who  is not fat. They probably stopped smoking
  5. On a positive note, they do obey traffic light much better than Americans..

Now please let me get some sleep tonight.