Seeing Yahoo! From 10,000 Foot

(photo is from Barcelona)

As an early engineer in the ‘trenches’ I saw Yahoo! from a 5 foot angle. I focused on what I needed to do immediately to keep the site running.

As a 7 year veteran, I see things from 50 foot.  I see the business, I try to see and understand the impact beyond my immediate group.  I try to plan 6 month ahead.

Playing an architect role for the group, I have to see things from 100 foot.  I need to see beyond 12 moths, I have to see the impact internationally across the same properties.  I have to look beyond my own future and understand the impact for multiple engineers and their careers.

Today I attended a meeting with a group of influencers in Yahoo! where I got to see things from 10,000 foot high.  I saw Yahoo! globally.  I got a view on how to impact thousands of engineers, 1/2 a billion users.  I saw Yahoo! in 5 years.  My view point was expanded beyond what I could physically see above my cube walls.  It was an enlightening sight, I loved it while I was there.  I learned quite a bit of what I didn’t know and I needed to learn.

Thanks for the opportunity to stand there and watch