Story Board, Mock Ups : Teaching Computer Programming To Kids Lesson #6

Cate is anxious to get her magic eight ball game working on Firefox and was excited with a lot of ideas.  Little does she know that I’m a backend programmer and don’t know a whole lot about animation, Javascript and CSS.  But I could learn this stuff easily if she wants to as well.  So I told her like I tell the Yahoo! product managers, give me a mock up.

So she drew up a few  screens for me.

First, she wanted more answered added to the magic eight ball.

Then she thought it would be good if we kept a history of your previous questions, so you should tell us your name

Follow by the magic eight ball bouncing around in a room of springs!  Help YUI or Javascript gurus

I was very happy to see the mock ups and we started working on the first welcome screen after dinner of homemade avocado rolls.

Looking at the first screen, I asked her what font faces she wanted, so she opened up Font Book on the mac and she decided on the Arial Rounded MT Bold

Next lesson: using div tags, CSS to format the welcome screen!
This is a series that documents my daughter’s curiosity to learn about computer programming


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