Self Monthly Review: 3rd Month Of Being Solution Architect For Media

I have a reminder to myself to review whether I’m doing what my job description is defined as
Here is the job description and how I rate myself from 1 (needs work), 2 (meets), 3 (exceed)

• Evaluates new technologies; builds prototypes if necessary

  • 1 : I barely do any of these right now as I am in firefighting mode

• Writes documentation and provides training on technologies and solutions

  • 2 : I am spending most of time doing this and encouraging others to do it

• May own shared code components

  • 1 : I own no code and have not coded

Responsibilities as a Solutions Architect
• Maintains visibility into properties and platforms

  • 2 : I have given up a lot of the platform visibility to others, need to get better here

• Recommends solution architectures to properties and advises on best practices

  • 2 : I have spent a lot of my time here as I am more customer facing right now

Responsibilities as a Technical Product Manager
• Defines engineering requirements for platform teams

  • 1 : have given up control here to other architects

• Performs strategic planning and analysis for her/his area of expertise across Media

  • 2 : I have done this, but need to get better

• May act as primary Media point of contact for platform teams; or, works closely with Product Manager in that role

  • 1 : have spread the responsibilities here, may need to do more planning ahead

Responsibilities as an Evangelist
• Ensures that Media property engineers are aware of recommended/mandated solutions

  • 2 : I have done a good job here

• Ensures that platform teams are aware of Media requirements and mandates

  • 1 : not enough forward planning again

• Advocates best practices and solutions inside and outside Yahoo!

  • 2 : I have done so pretty well, need even better documentation and communication

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