“What Did You Learn?” : asked Carol Bartz

Today my manager at Yahoo! held an all hands for her engineering group in Yahoo! Media and invited our CEO to take some Q/A.

It was wonderful to have Carol there to talk about why what we are doing in Yahoo! Media is important to the company.  It was inspiring to hear her long term perspective.

I had a 10 minute slot to demo how we can use LEGO ( an internal product name ) to launch a fully function site in a day. It was easy with the tools our team have built, it was actually too easy :)

Afterwards, Carol asked me what I learned. Thank god I prepared for that one.

1) Consistency, rhythmic delivery is very important when we work across 4 geographical locations and 3 timezones. We deploy every week, on the clock on Tuesdays.

2) Being a hero is not needed, and most times is not good. People get burned out and there is no process.  I’ve played the hero for 7 years while working in Yahoo! News, that just didn’t scale.

3) Developers should use the tools that editors use to know first hand the pain points.

4) Fast excution only happens when you plan ahead.