Re: HTML5 Dev Conf: JavaScript Programming Style and Your Brain with Douglas Crockford

Watch his talk on YouTube

  1. Programming is one of the hardest things humans do
  2. Programming uses Head and Gut, we don’t really know how we do it
  3. JavaScript: Good Parts. Bad Parts.  It was done in 10 days and released to the wild
  4. JSLint : defines and professional subset of JavaScript
  5. JSLint will hut your feelings
  6. Example: braces should be consistent.  Javascript forces on the right because there are cases (return statement that forces this)
  7. We are constantly making mistakes, this is why rational people don’t do programming
  8. “That hardly ever happens”, is another way of saying “It happens”
  9. A good style can help produce better programs. Style should not be about personal perference and self expression


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