Weekly links #2: Passion, Mark Z. hacked, Homebrew analytics, Uber drivers, Theranos CEO played by Jennifer Lawrence, aging and learning

This week I really enjoyed and learned from the following links and podcast.


Graduating and Looking for Your Passion? Just Be Patient … advice to young graduates is not to “follow your passion” but rather, to “foster your passion.” –  link

Podcast: Advice for the Aging: Learn Something ‘Different and Hard’ – When journalist Gerald Marzorati faced retirement, he decided he needed a new challenge. The former New York Times Magazine editor swapped his pen for a tennis racquet and opened the door to a whole new set of experiences. Sixty is NOT the new 40, he concludes. Do not kid yourself about this. You are milling in the anteroom of the aged. Marzorati joins us to talk about his book, Late to the Ball, and why he prescribes getting better at something different and hard. – Listen at KQED

Internet Security

Please turn on 2 factory authentication, use a password manager and not share the same password for different accounts.  Even Mark Z of Facebook can be hacked – link

Developer Tools

Our favorite Mac installer tool: Homebrew’s Anonymous Aggregate User Behaviour Analytics – link

Technology and everyday life

This is how drivers really feed about Uber – link

Jennifer Lawrence to play CEO of Thernos in a move partnering with the director of The Big Short – link