I know I am an introvert.  I relish the solitude of reading, writing, thinking by myself.

Solitude doesn’t mean I like to be alone all the time.  Just some span of time, where I am by myself with my own thoughts.  When I can get these thoughts out on paper, I feel energized.

This seems in opposition with my work, in which I have to interact with almost every engineers at my company.  I enjoy one on one interactions, or even one to two.  I find that we can exchange and learn from each other.  These learnings usually can be translated down on paper and be applied more broadly.

This week, I’ve also made a decision in my career to focus on being an individual contributor and not pursue engineering management.  Being an IC gives me energy.  Being a manager to only a few people gives me energy.

(Again, this blog is for me, not for you )