AntennaPod 27th Pull Request: more global and more inclusive

I love contributing to products that I use daily. One of those is the open source Android podcast player AntennaPod.

For my 27th pull request: Discovery filter by country & hide discovery on first subscribe screen to the source code project I wanted to accomplish the following.

  • Give people who are offended by certain top podcasts that always appear in the ‘Discover’ screen and they have a way to remove these podcasts. Request #4509
  • “alt right” content could be hidden for those who don’t want to see them, but not having the developer having to make editorial choices. Request #4355
  • Enable a worldwide perspective of ‘Discover’, allow users to truly discover and see the wide array of content available, in all languages and from see what 250 countries worldwide are listening to. Request #3982

I have always learned a lot while doing Android Java coding.

  • Locale.getISOCountries()
    • You can get the entire 250 countries country codes and country names translated to the local language of your Android device using locale.getDisplayCountry();
  • A very useful library for Android to send and receive events so different Fragments can communicate. The EventBus library allow for a event bug and subscriber model. You can search for the code in my pull request.