My superpower is “troubleshooting” for engineers

My superpower in life and at work is “troubleshooting.” I’m an engineer who helps other engineers when they are stuck.

This could mean very detailed technical issues that engineers run into that takes them hours to solve. They will bring that problem to me, and usually, through some questions and answers with me, we can narrow down the problem and figure out the root cause.

For example, this week 3 separate engineers reached out about

  1. He used to be able to ‘git clone’ via ssh, but now he cannot. We went through checking his ssh public keys, used ‘ssh -v git@host,’ double-check his permissions, and finally arrived at that he ‘mv ~/.ssh/id_rsa.’
  2. 2nd engineer had weird ‘ssh disconnection’ errors to only a set of machines, but it was fine for others. We went through a zoom session where we tried to look for ssh configurations, create an ubuntu docker image, and ssh from there, and finally arrived at his VPN connection configuration. This is super odd since a docker container was able to ssh while the host machine could not.
  3. A developer could not build source code from a particular branch, and I tracked it down to a specific change in the build script that was not honoring the Mac 10.x build toolchain.