What I Want For Yahoo! News

Yahoo! News is among the top 3 news web sites in the world competing
with CNN and MSNBC for the #1 spot. It’s a pretty simple and
barebones web site operating with a small team of engineers and
editors. The goal is to partner with the major news wire service
as well as some big name news publishers to build a news web site that host news content and provide an integrate experience for end users.

It’s been a while since Yahoo! New has changed, here is what I want it to do.

1. Never have a dead end, when a user finishes reading a story or photo give them something to do, something else to consume. Think couch potatoe, think Tivo, passive consumption of stories and photos
2. Make navigation easier and more intuitive, don’t make users hit
the back button if they want to read thru a list of headlines in a
certain category
3. Don’t force the users to see what they don’t want to see, allow
options for users to get rid of content to make the page to their
4. Different version of the news site for different devices. Here are my priorities
1. Palm Treo 650 version (cause I have one)
1. Maybe do lots of javascript to allow for client side optimization and navigation
2. Palm Treo 600 version
1. Get a Treo 650
3. WML version (cause people tell me it’s the largest instal base of internet phones)
1. Very fast loading with just headlines? How to navigate better so there is not delay ongoing back and forth? Maybe show more data in one burst and less back and forth.. Decrease the number of headlines as you read..
4. Mac version. Skinnable version in iTunes look?
5. SBC DSL version
1. 2-3 images, larger size. Offer super size photo? How about flash version ofthe slideshow. Prev and Next are actual thumbs
5. User categorization and bookmarking
1. bookmark urls, add tags, see other tagged articles, show my ratings & tags as RSS feeds, see other people feeds as rss
6. PDF version of the site for people to print and share. Maybe even skinnable PDF versions for $0.10 a pop?