Race: Cable Car Chase 2005

Finished the ANA Cable Car Chase this Sunday morning.


  • We didn’t get to really chase the cable cars, just chase a looked alike on rubber wheels.
  • The biggest 10-12 block hill I’ve ever experienced on California from Drumm to Larkin, almost everyone near my pace level were walking the hills, it was a sad sight.
  • I attacked the big hill all the way, it felt good to not admit defeat.
  • Unreal finish time winner was this guy finishing at 5.04 min/mile.  He won 2 air tickets to Japan

Official Results 5.67 miles
Pace: 7:26 min/mile
Place: 101 out of 543
Age Placement: 34 out of 109

Things I did wrong

  • Didn’t get to bed until 3:00am the night before, a friend made me stay up real late
  • Didn’t prepare drinks and food before the race
  • Didn’t get my knee check out before going for this run, it really hurt at mile 5

Things I did right

  • Considering the killer hill on California, my pace is faster than usual, my speed training on the treadmill helped here I had a power gel with me, helped a lot.
  • I left my heart monitor in the car and just ran the fastest pace I could, forgetting the heart monitoring

See Photos at https://www.flickr.com/photos/tonytam/albums/72157664595163017