It’s official, I’m crazy: 1,500 push ups in 12 hours

Ok, you knew it would happen one day.  I’ve lost my mind.  Ever since I started this fitness craze and started doing 500 push ups, 1,000 push ups, you knew the day would come when I would try 1,500.

Well today was it.  I just finished 1,500 push ups tonight!   When I’ve tried for it on other days, the timing and rhythm just wasn’t right. Today everything went perfectly.

The hardest part  was making time to do it and keeping count of how many I did.  At work I knocked down 2 set of 150, making it 300.   Luckily I was stuck waiting for Caltrain today and was able to knock down 300.   I had lots of TV shows recorded so when I got home, I watched TV and finish the remaining 900.  (The L Word, Desperate Housewives, CSI NY)


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