The name of the widest pasta: pappardelle

I’ve always liked wide, flat pasta. I haven’t cooked in 3 years, and pasta with fresh herbs is my favorite. Today I had a craving for it but I didn’t know where to go for  fresh pasta. So, when I passed by 4th and Harrison, I dropped by Whole Foods (1/2 block from my loft) and picked up a pack of Egg Pasta Sheets.

Ah, now how wide to cut these suckers? I cut them into 1″ wide strands.   I think that is wide enough for my tastes.  I think this wide cut is called Pappardelle

It was a wonderful meal at home, cooked by me, for myself.  I’ve been eating out alot lately (the last 4 years)

Mâche with mango salsa vinaigrette topped with chopped honey roasted walnuts. (if you never had Mâche, try it, you’ll love it)
* 3 glasses of S. Pellegrino
* A huge plateful of pappardelle (cut from fresh sheet pasta) with fresh basil, McEvoy olive oil, fresh tomatoes, finely diced fresh garlic

OK, now what could be better than this?


Tony Tam

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