The name of the widest pasta: pappardelle

I’ve always liked wide, flat pasta. I haven’t cooked in 3 years, and pasta with fresh herbs is my favorite. Today I had a craving for it but I didn’t know where to go for  fresh pasta. So, when I passed by 4th and Harrison, I dropped by Whole Foods (1/2 block from my loft) and picked up a pack of Egg Pasta Sheets.

Ah, now how wide to cut these suckers? I cut them into 1″ wide strands.   I think that is wide enough for my tastes.  I think this wide cut is called Pappardelle

It was a wonderful meal at home, cooked by me, for myself.  I’ve been eating out alot lately (the last 4 years)

Mâche with mango salsa vinaigrette topped with chopped honey roasted walnuts. (if you never had Mâche, try it, you’ll love it)
* 3 glasses of S. Pellegrino
* A huge plateful of pappardelle (cut from fresh sheet pasta) with fresh basil, McEvoy olive oil, fresh tomatoes, finely diced fresh garlic

OK, now what could be better than this?