Paris Running: Pain au Chocolat, Canals, Sacre Couer

Running and eating my way through Paris.

This morning I started running at 5:30am cause I knew I wanted a long run.  Picked up the best pain au chocolat in Paris, saw the best view of Paris at Sacre Coeur, then the best running route along the canals.  The St. Martin canal is a must see for anyone visiting Paris (think Ameli and stone skipping)  My favorite running routes are either along the Seine or  along the St Martin canals.

2.5 km From 166 Suffren to Invalides
4.0 km Then over to pick up best pain au chocolat in paris in Rue Lepic area
1.2 km Up to top of Sacre Coeur
4.0 km Belly full now, pick up 2 peaches at the early market, run to the canals
2.5 km Run along the canal to Parc de la Villette
6.5 km Run back to Sacre Coeur to pick up Kate.

While waiting for Kate, finish up 600 push ups add to yesteday’s 400 push ups while watching Kate on the slides to wrap up 1,000 push ups in 24 hours

Log: 20.7 km / 1.6 = 12.9 miles

Best pain au chocolat in Paris

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