Travel: Why I belong in Amsterdam

My new favorite city to live is now Amsterdam

  1. Everyone rides their bicycles here, the ratio is close to 1-to-1
  2. I can almost run as fast as bikes so I can be in the bike lanes most of the time running.  I scared this dad riding his daughter today when I chased him
  3. The city is small enough that I can run anywhere
  4. The people here are super fit looking
  5. Everyone speaks English
  6. The people are super friendly
  7. Food is very diverse and ethnic
  8. Great classical music and opera
  9. Lots of water everywhere, better than Venice (no snobbishness)
  10. Chocolates and ice cream
  11. Best espresso drinks outside of Italy
  12.  Legalized drugs
  13. A lot of night life, music
  14. Very high tech and modern public transportation system
  15. Pleasant sounding language

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