My heroes

Sam – for his positive attitude towards life.  Always looking at the funny side of things.  For his love of bicycling and exercise. For his dedication to his family

Dennis Yu – For his obvious love and passion of running.  His love of the science behind running

Dean Karnazes – his book inspired me to run and found my hidden passion for running.  The solitude of running.  The lack of competition with anyone else but myself.

Carlos  – limo driver in Paris for his dedication to his family.   Worked 7 days a week for the last 12 years.  He is feeling just a bit tired now and will take a little break.

My Dad – he never worked overtime during the weekdays and provided the sense of family. For his dedication to his children and family.  For giving me someone to look up to in terms of physical fitness, a good honest heart and hard work. For having the courage to leave China and come to the US with only $700 in his pockets. For creating a wonderful live for his children and himself in the United States. Learned to survived in a country where he didn’t speak a word of English. For introducing math into my life by making it fun.  For forcing me into computer science instead of carpentry during college which eventually led me to find the career that I love.