my 4 year old is smarter than I am

4 year old Cate is way smarter than I am

  1. She spots every little detail in her story books, facial expressions of all the characters in the page
  2. She remembers that there are 6 strings on the guitar without looking at it, I thought there were 7
  3. She learns foreign languages so much better than I can, today was the first time in a long while that I was there with her French sitter and when I heard her speak French completely, I was shocked
  4. She remembers every promise that I made and reminds me to fulfill them.  Like giving her a pull up bar at her height. Buying her some extra VCR tapes of Miffy in Japanese
  5. She can sense when I’m trying to tell a small lie, so I never try now
  6. She remembers all the ingredients to an apple pie in the order that was spelled out.
  7. She knows when someone truely likes her or are just faking it.  I still need to learn this.
  8. She understands the idea of working for money (She knows who Jeff Boulter is :-D), being lucky to have a home, feeling sorry for the homeless
  9. She understands that commercials are bad and are just people trying to get us to buy things, “forward the commercial please dad”
  10. She already knows how to use the Treo better than I can and has managed to shut me out of the Sprint network


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