Bamboo Sourcery : a bamboo paradise in Sebastopol

A friend of mine triggered a memory of this unbelievable place in Sebastopol called the Bamboo Sourcery where they have 300 varieties of bamboo and it’s an oasis for you to loose yourself in this wonderous hillside/nursery of bamboo.  It’s an amazing experience.   Make a reservation with them and plan a family outing to walk among the forest of these amazing plants.  It’s not a typical nursery, I don’t know how large,  but the place is like a mountain of bamboo and you can spend hours walking in it.  Bring a little snack and have a picnic.

Every visit I make down there reminds of me of how amazing these plants are.  They have every bamboo you can imagine.  From the 50 foot high trees that people build house with, to the collectors ones people spend decades planting.

Bambusa vulgaris 'Vittata' Chusquea sulcata (flowering 2005)