Off To Paris Again, But First NYC : ‘ino panini, bruschette

Yes I’m off to Paris again, this time just with my parents.  I think I’ve lost count, but this should be my 8th time to the most beautiful city in the world.

We have a 12 hour lay over in NY because I wasn’t thinking when I booked the flight.  We are making the best out of the situation, so they are meeting some friends in NY while I go and explore East Village.

My plan is to have some unique breakfast panini and bruschette at the fabulous ‘ino for  and a glass of Italian red wine, then of course over to Dumpling Man for a bit of research, finally off to some Chinese dim sum with a dear old friend of my parents.

Wish my stomach luck with 3 meals before 2:00pm :-D

‘ino (from new york metro )
Price Range: Inexpensive

Before New York was a town with a panino in every presser, there was ‘ino, the first and still the best of all the tiny Italian sandwich bars that have spread like parmesan foam in recent years. The owners have that whole Italian between-meals-snacking aesthetic down to a tee. Their panini, tramezzini, and bruschette are little masterpieces of bold flavor and superb texture, and the tiny room is a lovely place to linger over a carafe or bottle of wine provided you’re able to commandeer a seat.

Recommended Dishes: Panino with soppressata, fontina, and rucola, $8; panino with rucola, sun-dried tomatoes, onion, and fontina, $8; nutella panino, $5