Run The Paris Metro #3: 12.85 miles, 303 more stations to go

This morning was glorious in Paris, I have my standard running gear and a small map and off I went.

First fueled up with 2 pain au chocolate.

Run  The Paris Metro #3 : Food
Today’s run hook me on a long trip to 26 metro stations. I decided to run a bit slower since this is almost my 3rd 1/2 marathon in 6 days.  It’s about longevity, not about how fast I could go.

Including the last 2 runs on the 6th and 4th, that leaves me with 303 stations to go.
I need to come up with a better system to track which station I’ve already visited, I ended up repeating 2 stations I visited before.  This needs some computer science 🙂

Today I figured out how many stations there are in Paris using The Paris Metro system
The system boasts 211 km (131 miles) of track and 14 lines, shuttling 3500 cars on a precise schedule between 380 stations (not including RER stations), 87 of these offering connections between lines. It is said that every building in Paris is within 500 meters (3/10 mile) of a métro station. Roughly 6 million people per day patronize the métro, which employs over 15,000.

I didn’t really feul up enough, the cumquats were awesome!
Run  The Paris Metro #3 : Food_3Run  The Paris Metro #3 : Food_2Run  The Paris Metro #3 : Food_1Run  The Paris Metro #3 : Food


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