Best morning in Paris…

.. is when it’s raining outside, my apartment is filled with bright day light at 6:00am.  I open up the windows and smell clean air and hear the shops getting ready to open up.  I walk 5 minutes to pick up the best pain au chocolate and bring them home to eat with coffee.

So far the most memorable moments/facts in Paris, most of the adventures are in not  knowing how to speak the language and trying to get everyday things taken care of.

  1. I’ve gotten my first hair cut in Paris, trying to tell the lady that I wanted short, layered hair.  Cheveux coupes en degrade, court, superposé. It turned out just as good or bad as the ones I get in the states. I won’t take a picture until it grows out  -)
  2. Riding my bike everywhere, I have not taken the metro in 2 weeks.  Paris is very friendly to walkers, runner and especially bikes.  Bus/Taxi/Bikes get special lanes pretty much everywhere
  3. At 11:30pm, I could still find lots of places to eat, not necessarily the best, but hey I am in Paris, I could get a capucino and a crou  monsieur, I’m happy
  4. Me trying to speak French to a Chinese waitress while she speaks English to me until I realize that I should speak English after 5 exchanges
  5. I was in Chinatown and just started speaking Chinese to the vendors.  Realizing that Chinese is the common language for me and not English.