Dreaming Away On Eurorail

This weekend I was planning to head over to Barcelona for some bike riding and tapas, but of course the train was fill.  Then I asked the ticket person Madid? No. Lisbon?  No.  uhh, Denmark?  where? What’s the capital of Denmark?  Copenhagen?  OK, I’m going to Copenhagen then.

So, my Brompton and I are on a 15 hour train ride from Paris to København. I have this romantic notion of saving money and not get a sleeper train and just ride on a regular chair.   2 hours before I catch the train, I book a hotel room online.  30 minutes before the train leaves I bike over to Gard Nord and hop on the train.

While not being able to get more than 1 hour of continuous sleep, the insomnia is making me have dreams. I don’t remember having a dream for the last 8 years.   That was really cool!

Most memorable moments.  Sticking my head out on a 160 mph train, drinking non-alcoholic beer in the bike train sleeping on the floor with other student backpackers