Steady Biking From Nice To Monaco

Slow and steady, just concentrate, I’m sweating like a dog, have not needed to pee in 8 hours, all my liquids are sweated out.

There is 10 more miles to go before I hit Monaco.  I cursed every downhill because I have to bike up the same hill again in reverse.  I reveled in the pain of going slowly uphill.  A fellow biker is resting with her head in her lap and I offer her water.   I see her later on the hill and she acknowledges me.

I told myself to soak up the intense moment of heat, sweat, world’s best bike experience of climbing hills, most beautiful Mediterranean sea on my right,  and the feeling of intense fear.  The fear is that I don’t have my helmet (lost on train).  I’m biking along this speedway where cars often pass by me by what feels like inches from my knee.  Sometimes I just give up and hide on the shoulder until the cars pass by

For bike lovers, you have got to take this trail, rest for a large beer then do the final route to Monaco