The Good And The So So

Kate arrived yesterday, her mom brought her over to Paris while traveling towards eastern Europe.  Kate was excited as was I to be reunited after a month. The good.

We spent the day visiting a few food places around Rue Lepic, and I was introducing Kate to the vendors. The good

The vendor selling tarts asked wheter Kate is going to the French school in Paris, nope.  Is her mom French? Nope.  Do I speak French? No.  I think he told Kate to teach her old man some French.. Doh!  Ok, I’ll start to learn the language soon, very soon.  The so so

Then Kate wanted me to play cooking with her by cutting up paper and pretend we are cooking mac N cheese.  That almost put me to sleep.  The so so.

Kate and I are staying in a small studio, so I had to sleep at the same time as she does, we both went to bed at 10:30pm and woke up at 8:45am, the longest sleep I’ve gotten in months.  The good

I’m now moving at a snail’s pace in Paris, no more biking, no more running and trying to convince the 5 year old to walk in the burning heat.  The so so

Slowing down and being in the moment. The good