I Should Have 10 More Kate’s

I dropped off Kate at school and her teacher came up and we chatted a bit. She was telling me that Kate is expressing herself well in French and she wanted to find out how ‘deep’ Kate’s vocabulary was.  Since I don’t know French, I couldn’t tell her :-)  But I’m sure it’s good enough.

Then the teacher said, “You should have 10 more Kate, she is so wonderful”   I was really touched and proud of my daughter.  Little does she know that I’ve decided to not have kids anymore.  More on that later

I’ve lay out my plans (I’m sure they might change)

1) no more kids and focus on raising Kate
2) this will give me time to focus on work and continue to be slave for Yahoo!
3) also focus on friends and family
4) focus on myself and spending time running, reading, learning, getting certified as a barista
5) travel
6) when I’m 48, when Kate is 18, I’ll be in Europe.

that’s the life plan all lay out in front of me.  whether everything works out as plan?  Who cares, but at least I know the path now.