Eating Alone

Recently I’ve made a choice to be alone for a while, without being in a relationship. I find that I need some solitude time without ‘reporting’ or being accountable for my time.

Being alone does have some drawbacks however.

I usually take the Yahoo! bus to SF civic center, heart of Little Saigon. Tonight I felt like eating a bit higher end Vietnamese, at Pagolac.

I find that I have to order extra food because I am taking up a 4 seat table.

I ordered a catfish claypot, an appetizer, a viet. coffe, a viet. beer, a soup. I know I’ll be stuffed, but happy camper afterwards.

I seldom see people dining alone, but I find it just fine most nights. Tonight I’ll see the movie, Blood Diamond alone as well.

My mind can use some peace and quiet.