San Francisco: Shoe Garden

I was playing tourist again in San Francisco and saw this Alamo Square Park Shoe Garden. It’s amazing how many little things I still have not seen in this greatest city (next to Paris) in the world.

Alamo Square Park: One of the most photographed spots in San Francisco, thanks to the breathtaking views of the City and the row of six beautifully restored Victorians nicknamed the Painted Ladies. The west side of the park allows dogs off-leash. Between Fulton, Hayes, Steiner and Scott streets.
Don’t miss the mysterious “shoe garden” on one side of the gardeners’ shed in the middle of the park. It was created by the park’s gardener, who kept finding shoes among the park trash and hated to throw them out. He arranged them on top of logs and placed the logs around a flower bed, then planted the shoes with flowers. Now people drop off pairs of shoes with hopes of finding them sprouting later. (-SF Chronicle and SF Gate)”