Bay To Breakers 2008

My last Bay to Breakers was in 2005. I found an excuse to skip it in 2006, then I broke my foot in 2007.

I was trying to find an excuse not to run it this year, but couldn’t come up with anything. This morning, my snooze button didn’t work at 6am and I woke up at 7:34 to try to make it to the starting line for the 8:00am run. The day was already starting out poorly.

The race itself was easier than I had imagined since I have not trained or run recently. The hardest part was the last mile or so, when I had to mentally push myself to run faster, after all it is a race, beating the guy in front of me is the purpose.

Final time 1:03:12 (compare with 58:54 3 years ago)
Pace: 8 min 29 sec / mile
Overall 1725th place out of aprox. 30,000 registered runners
Male : 1438
My age division : 379

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