Push Up Thursday, week 2: 200

Listening to Maria Callas starts my 2nd week of push ups.  I set a 15 minute timer to do 40 every 15 minutes, but  you can spread it out over 24 hours if you wish

9:19 am @ cube +40 40
9:38 am @ cube +40 80 (listening to Handel)
9:53 am @ cube +40 120 (listening to Mozart)
10:15am @ cube +40 160 (listening to Johann Adolf Hasse)
11:39am @ cube +40 200 (listening to Sarah Change The Four Seasons)

A few years ago, I started a club in Yahoo to do as many push ups we can in 24 hours.

We started at 100 and each week, we increased it by 100. most members got to 1,000. I got to 2,200 in 24 hours. It is based on a simple concept that if you spread out the exercise to 24 hours, you can accomplish a large number even if you can only do 5 push ups at a time.

Not sure why we stopped, maybe we got to a milestone.

I want to start again this year and get back to 2,000 push ups in 24 hours.  Here are my previous posts and the rules.


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