Daily Life Of A Yahoo! Engineer (2005)

(Bringing back an old post from 2005)

A Yahoo! Engineer (Y!E) is a very lucky person.

Y!E gets into the office anywhere from 6:00am to 10:00am. If this was a bell curve, 80% fall under 9:30-10
Y!E gets to eat freshly cooked omelettes, hot cereal for under $3.00
Y!E gets free espresso drinks all day
Y!E gets free pool tables, ping pong, foosball
Y!E gets vending machines with both peanuts and regular M&M
Y!E can bring a small fridge to his cube
Y!E sometimes gets to ‘chat’ with David Filo when things break :-)
Y!E gets to make a difference in today’s world and gets to work on things that affect the lives of 100+ millions users
Y!E can drop off his dry cleaning, gets his car oil changed on campus
Y!E can get a unix and a PC laptop
Y!E gets to reuse all the incredibly stable infrastructure in Yahoo!’s platform group
Y!E mostly works on things directly related to his job
Y!E can choose to work on many things beyong his scope and show off to his peers
Y!E can make a difference in the company anywhere he wants to
Y!E gets things done in the company if he pushes hard enough
Y!E attends very little meetings
Y!E gets to meet very smart people everyday
Y!E gets to attend a geek talk every Thursday
Y!E gets to work out in an incredible gym
Y!E gets to play on a basketball court
Y!E gets to play on a sand volleyball court
Y!E gets to choose from over 9 different freshly cook styles of food from the main cafeteria
Y!E gets to hear feedback from live users if he chooses
Y!E gets rewarded generously by Y! in every way possible

Now you tell me, doesn’t Y!E work in the best place on the planet?
Be a Y!E now buddy!