Stupid App Idea: Goal With A Friend

I was trying to convince C. to work on this App with me, she didn’t really like the idea and thought it can be done with pen and paper instead.

App: Goal With A Friend

  • Set a goal
  • Pick a charity, schedule a payment
  • Invite a friend to help
  • How much is it worth?
  • Pay 10 percent first
  • Pay 90 percent when done


  • Accept to help a friend
  • Email, call friend to help
  • Get instant 10 percent fee
  • Get reminders to help ‘you’ to achive goal
  • Get final payment in cash or paypal when done

At the End
If goal is not done, final payment is donated to a charity

Why this is useful

  • We ignore reminders
  • Things get done when a friend knows and remind you
  • There are incentive for the friend and incentive for you


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