11 Days Until…

I’ll be married to the woman of my dreams.

Katherine and I have been a part of each other’s lives for 3 years.  She is the most intelligent, kind, warm and thoughtful woman I have ever met.

During the first few months of dating, she introduced me to most of her close friends.  Her friends are kind, friendly, inclusive and all have a little bit of Katherine in them.  After meeting her friends, I noticed something different about my feelings towards her.

After 6 months of our dating, I was invited to spend a week with her family in Tahoe.  I fell deeply in love with her during that week.   After the family trip, I realize that Katherine gives a lot of herself to her family, friends and she is a sum of all the great people she surrounds herself with.

I look forward to building a meaningful life with Katherine by working hard together, sharing life’s good moments and shouldering life’s challenges as a couple.

I look forward to making our hopes and dreams come true by supporting each other and communicating constantly.

I look forward to building a family by including everyone in our lives with open arms.