Reading :, James Patterson, Lisa Tse and Brendan Gregg

My reading list this week:

James Patterson, Cross my heart

  • I couldn’t put this kindle book down.  One of his best best books and story line.  The ending was interesting and left me really want to read the next book in Nov.

Getting back to Objective C a bit on

  • I love the simple and get to the point writing

Shanghai Girls from Lisa Tse

  • Recommended by my wife to understand life before the cultural revolution.  I was born a little after the start of the revolution.  Reading it at 5:30am this morning for about 10 minutes. So far, I would say a 5/10 interest level.  Hopefully it’ll get better

Systems Performance book by Brendan Gregg

  • This is part of our reading list at work, so far it’s very useful information to brush up on fundamentals of computer science